Dr. Paula Cairns, young, beautiful and talented, is on the verge of making her dreams come true when she wins a fierce competition for a post at New Coventry Medical Center. In.this prestigious New England institution, she can. display her brilliant skill as a surgeon.

More important, she can pursue research that will make. medical history. But what Paula does not count on is the sophisticated medical scam from which.Dr. Steve Charnley tries to protect her... or the unexpected overture from star surgeon Dr. Walt Eagleton, who usually gets what he wants...or the riyalry of master manipulator Dr.Clifford Abrams, who hungers for her research funds and hard won results.

Paula is alone bur not afraid - in a medical center where base desires often come before dedication and she fights against mounting odds for her happiness as a woman, and for her future as a doctor...

First published in 1994