Dr. Simeon Halstead, New Coventry Medical Center's brilliant brain surgeon, performs miracles in the operating room.  Outside that high-tech arena, his uncompromising personality, along with his refusal to cover up other doctor's mistakes, has earned him dangerous enemies.
When Simeon meets with teenage Andy Markle and mom, Fiona, the diagnosis he has for young Andy is grim : a deadly brain tumor. Despite Simeon's usual. reluctance to get close to his patients, he is determined to try anything to save the boy. While ignoring his private life and his wife's shocking betrayals, he also tries to deny his growing feelings for Fiona. For Simeon the only person who counts now is the doctor races against time to find a controversial treatment that is the boy's only hope.  And even when a hospital rival threatens to stop him, Simeon is ready to risk everything - his career, his reputation, his future - to give Andy a fighting chance with one unforgettable act of healing - and love.

First published in 1995