'Love thy neighbour' is the divine commandment, but there is certainly not much love lost between the various parishioners of the West Kirk in Perth. Bobby Sutherland and Jeremy McIver are in hot competition for a coveted place in the Scottish Youth Choir - though Bobby seems to have more on his mind than friendly rivalry. Bobby's mother, Sheila, is in the grip of' illicit emotions, while her doctor husband is running perilously close to accusations of malpractice. Church organist Ian Farquar carries the burden of a past tragedy ­and a burning desire to see it revenged; even the minister himself is wrestling with inner demons.

Despite these tensions, the close-knit community is appalled at the bizarre and callous murder of one of their number, particularly as it takes place on hallowed ground. Inspector Douglas Niven pinpoints his prime suspect straightaway, and his hunch seems to be confirmed by local gossip.

But Jean Montrose, the 'wee doc' who has proved so useful in past cases, has other ideas...

The alternative name of this novel is "A relative act of murder "
First published in 1992