Dr. Francis Roe, who publishes books under the names of Francis Roe and C. F. Roe, was brought up in Scotland in an academic family. He went to medical school in Aberdeen where he received several prizes, including a gold medal for surgery.

    Dr. Roe trained as a pilot with the RAF and worked as an RAF flight surgeon for three years of National Service. After that he worked as a ship’s surgeon for several months, travelling to Burma and the Far East, before returning to do surgical research in Aberdeen.

    A year later  he was invited to come to the States as a Harvard research fellow. There he did metabolic research, invented a number of medical electronic devices and started a company to produce and market them. He completed his surgical training at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

    During this period he perfected a number of innovative surgical techniques and published numerous research papers and text book chapters. Dr. Roe was then appointed to the Yale Medical School faculty and for several years practiced and taught vascular surgery in New Haven.

    Some years ago he decided to change careers and became a full time writer. He has had fourteen novels and medical mysteries published, several of which have been book club selections, with a couple of national best sellers. The novels have been translated into a dozen foreign languages.

    At the present time, Dr. Roe is finishing a medical novel, working on a historical novel set in the time of Napoleon, and making pottery and sculpture in his spare time. He lives in a house with a wonderful view of Albuquerque, New Mexico.